Gratitude: A Thanksgiving Podcast on the Psychology of Saying Thanks

Here’s a Thanksgiving podcast I produced for The Table Audio, featuring Robert Emmons, who is perhaps the world’s leading researcher on gratitude. Thanksgiving is usually pretty overlooked. It’s not as sexy as Halloween. It’s not as Christmasy as Christmas. Why Talk About Thanksgiving in January? So, why worry about the fact that it’s 2 months after Thanksgiving? (Apart from the fact that I’m just populating a new blog…) Just listen to this now, be thankful everyday, if for no other reason than it will trick your brain into making you happier! Artwork by the amazing Matt Sheean. Title credit goes to the …

Christmas Is Weird

And the soul felt its worth. Oliver Crisp on Christmas, the Incarnation, the Soul, and the Weirdness of Christmas

Here’s my latest podcast for The Table, featuring analytic theologian Oliver Crisp. This one’s about how weird Christmas really is, which is really weird.

Fullerton Is for Oranges

Fullerton Orange Tree

Fullerton used to be covered in orange groves. The smell is still in the air. I want an orange tree in my backyard. My wife tells me that my neighbor tells us that it’s the right time of year to plant one. Let it be so.